What services does Gilligan Contracting provide?

We provide a complete spectrum of services outlined here: Gilligan Contracting Services.

How long has Gilligan Contracting been in business?

We have been operating as a licensed, registered limited liability corporation in the State of Virginia since 2002.

Is Gilligan Contracting a licensed organization?

Yes, we are fully licensed and certified in Virginia as a Class A, BLD Contractor. To earn this designation, we had to pass a state-administered exam that tested our corporate competencies and understanding of a broad range of contracting regulations and requirements. We are also licensed in the District of Columbia.

How important is it to choose a licensed contractor?

It is very important as the market is flooded with unlicensed contractors who can exploit the unsuspecting customer. The purpose of licensing contractors is to protect the public, increase the quality standards of the profession and provide some recourse if a project goes bad. VDOPOR has established rigorous criteria and different certifications to prevent under qualified individuals from offering services as a contractor.

Does Gilligan Contracting provide free estimates?

Yes, we provide initial consultations free of charge, but will charge a fee for creative and design services. For smaller jobs, we incorporate this expense into the contract and overall project price.

How long are Gilligan Contracting estimates valid?

The signed proposals are valid for 90 days after the date of issue. If it has been longer than that, we will be glad to refresh the quote.

What is contained in a Gilligan Contracting proposal?

Our contracts are very detailed, with specific line items defining the complete scope of work, anticipated materials and the labor expected to successfully complete the project on schedule and to agreed upon customer specifications.

Can I change the scope of a project after it has begun?

Of course, just request a change-order which will serve as an addendum to the base contract and will detail the specific elements of the change.  A change order will delineate cost increase or decrease, and can usually be provided within hours so as to not delay the project progress. There is a $125 fee for all change orders.

Should I be concerned if a contractor wants to start the work without a written agreement?

Yes, you should be VERY concerned. It is illegal in the state of Virginia to perform contracting work without a written agreement. Contracts vehicles provide legal protections for both the customer and the service provider, but more importantly they provide a common framework of understanding of the terms of service.

Is the lowest price always the best price?

Generally, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Many times, Gilligan Contracting finds that our competitors neglect or overlook important line items – if they include them at all. Sometimes they may offer less experienced or unqualified labor, or base their estimates on undefined variables or significantly lower quality materials. We highly encourage you to perform reference checks on any contractors before signing a contract.

How should I go about checking references before I select a contractor?

Do not hesitate to ask for references before signing an agreement. With Gilligan Contracting you can check our testimonials page, but if you prefer we would be glad to introduce you to past customers.

What is an “allowance” and does Gilligan Contracting use them?

An allowance is a specific contingency line-item to account for unpredictable variables in some complicated projects. We may occasionally use an allowance; however, we prefer to define the scope of each line item exactly so that our clients know precisely what they are agreeing to in a contract.

What should I do if I find I have hired an unscrupulous or unqualified contractor?

Stop the project as soon as possible. Do not be afraid to say NO. It is your home.  You may also want to report them to the Better Business Bureau.

When is a permit required?

The situation varies by location, but a general rule is that if you are moving structural components, installing new plumbing or modifying electrical fixtures you will need a permit from the appropriate authority prior to beginning the project.

Does Gilligan Contracting obtain the required permits?

Yes, if required, we will obtain the necessary permits and approvals from the appropriate authority prior to beginning any project.

Why should I choose Gilligan Contracting?

Simply put, given the talent, and experience we offer, and the fact that value is measured both in dollar amounts and by the ability to deliver, we are confident that we can provide you with the best value in the contemporary market. We do it right the first time – every time.

Gilligan Contracting is a Virginia Class A licensed contracting firm that can handle your simplest handyman items to your largest remodel.

We are a dedicated team of licensed professionals who provide our customers with quality, affordable workmanship and can assist with a full range of remodeling and home improvement – from simple repairs to more extensive and complicated projects.