Go Green

Gilligan Contracting has adopted a number of environmentally friendly, green technologies and construction processes.

To do this we have modified various steps in our standard remodeling process and the materials that we recommend for use. As an example, a potentially environmental damaging process that that many other contractors take for granted is demolition. Gilligan Contracting takes necessary steps to minimize waste and to separate waste products for proper recycling.

Gilligan Contracting has also stopped using certain environmentally harmful technologies, such as fiberglass insulation which can introduce toxic substances in your home. Instead we favor green alternatives such as BioBased soy insulation or UltraTouch recycled natural fiber insulation.

We at Gilligan Contracting also favor using structurally sound composite technologies which have extended life spans and no or limited maintenance over the use of environmentally depleting building materials. These are just a few examples of our commitment to “Going Green”.

As the availability of green products increases you can be assured that Gilligan Contracting will stay informed on the latest trends to further protect our environment and you as the consumer. Contact Gilligan Contracting today to find out how we can help you go green in your latest remodeling project.

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