What should my DC metro bathroom cost?

If you read my first blog on DC metro kitchen costs, you will already know that this can be a complex question.  This holds true for bathrooms also and here is why:

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your house and are one area, like the kitchen, that clients use multiple times a day. Just like a kitchen remodeling project the cost for bathroom remodels can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project as well as the materials selected for the project.

Let’s first talk about scope of work. A bathroom project can again run the gamut in terms of scope of work just like a kitchen project from the previous blog. Some clients only need a face lift which would entail a new toilet, vanity and fixtures. This would be the least expensive option and can run as low as a few thousand dollars depending on selections.  Other clients need a “pull and replace” that includes removing the floor, walls and all the fixtures and replacing everything with new selections. Lastly, some clients want to completely rework the existing bathroom and surrounding space into a more luxurious larger bathroom.

Material selections also play a large role in the cost of a bathroom project. Here is a list of most of the material selections involved in a bathroom remodel:

      • Tile (Floor tile, wall tile, shower pan tile and accents tiles to make the bathroom design pop!)
      • Fixtures (Faucet, shower and tub controls, towel bars, robe hooks, towel warmers, etc…)
      • An array of vanity cabinet sizes and configurations (sometimes using more than one cabinet)
      • Shower door (Basic framed door or a heavy glass shower door)
      • Countertop and sink( Granite, manmade stone, or an eco option)
      • Lighting and bathroom exhaust fans

All of these selections will affect the price in one way or the other. Working with Gilligan Contracting you can count on our process to help guide you through this maze of selections.

So back to what a DC metro bathroom can cost? 

At Gilligan Contracting we have done numerous bathrooms and we have found that most fall into these three categories:

      1. Basic “upgrade” in a condo, town home, or small single family home with new tile flooring, fiberglass shower or bath tub
        unit, vanity,  countertop and sink, and assuming mid grade fixtures; Price Range: $12,000- $16,000.
      2. Mid level remodel with possible non load bearing wall removal, upgraded vanity or vanities, moving of some plumbing and
        electrical, new tile flooring and tile shower or tub enclosure, countertops, mid grade fixtures and a basic frameless shower door; Price Range:  $16,000-$22,000.
      3. Upper level remodel with structural work, complete rework of bathroom layout to include plumbing and electrical, new
        custom tile flooring and custom tile shower or tub enclosure,  custom vanity or vanities, countertops, high end fixtures and heavy glass frameless shower door; Price Range:  $22,000 and up.

When considering a bathroom remodel, we recommend customers should  first decide on which budget category is going to work for their needs and then allow us to help guide them through our design process to achieve their dream bathroom at their desired budget.

Check back for a future blog just on bathroom selections and an additional blog how to make the most of the space you have in your existing bathroom layout.