What should my DC metro kitchen cost?

What should my kitchen cost is a question we get from almost every customer who contacts us about kitchen remodeling.  To tell you the truth, it is a bit of a loaded question. First, you really need to understand that a kitchen remodeling project can be done in a variety of ways and each way will affect the cost of the project.

Here are a couple of examples and then I’ll share some options to consider.

One way is what we call a “pull and replace” which is exactly what it sounds like. This kitchen remodel is more basic and requires less time and materials since all utilities are staying in the same location, wall and ceiling finishes typically remain and the basic kitchen layout is not changing.  As a result this option is the least expensive and is what many of our clients are looking for in a kitchen remodel.

Another way a kitchen can be remodeled is what we call a complete “gut and rework”. Of course this is a more expensive option because this remodel is much more involved and may require the moving of utilities (electrical, water, gas, etc…), the location of walls, and a full rework of the kitchen cabinet and countertop layout.  Also consider with this type of remodel, the project also could include upfront costs such as architectural design and or structural engineering so an accurate cost proposal can be created and a building permit secured.

Let’s explore kitchen remodeling options to consider.

So now that you know about two different ways a kitchen can be remodeled, here are some additional factors that can affect the cost and need to be looked at when thinking about a kitchen remodeling project at your home:

  1. Kitchen cabinets (Varying degrees of quality, finishes and options)
  2. Kitchen flooring (Tile vs. hardwood or the many options in between)
  3. Kitchen countertops (Granite, man-made stone, or an eco option)
  4. Kitchen appliances
  5. Kitchen faucet, sink, disposal and other related accessories
  6. Electrical requirements (Pendants, under cabinet lights, additional circuits etc…)
  7. Kitchen backsplash options (Ranging from using the same countertop material or tile to back painted glass
  8. Kitchen window replacement or relocation

All of these selections will affect the total price in one way or the other. Working with Gilligan Contracting you can count on our process to help guide you through this maze of selections.  Check back for a future blog that will be dedicated to making selections.


So back to what a DC metro kitchen can cost? 

At Gilligan Contracting we have done numerous kitchens throughout the years and we have found that most fall into one of these three categories:

  1. Basic “pull and replace” in a condo, town home, or small single family home with new cabinets, flooring, counters, fixtures, and appliances; Price Range: $20,000- $35,000.
  2. Mid level remodel with possible non load bearing wall removal, upgraded cabinets, moving of some plumbing and electrical, flooring,  counters, fixtures and appliances; Price Range:  $35,000-$60,000.
  3. Upper level remodel with structural work, complete rework of kitchen layout to include plumbing and electrical, flooring, counters, fixtures and appliances; Price Range: $60,000 and up.


Here at Gilligan Contracting we can help you make an informed and confident kitchen remodeling decision.


When considering a kitchen remodeling project we help our customers decide which budget category is going to work for their needs and then we help guide them through our design process to help them achieve their dream kitchen at their desired budget.