Our Process

Gilligan Contracting has been in business for over 15 years, and in that time, we have refined a process that we have found works well for our clients. Gilligan Contracting does not rely on high pressure sales tactics or over the top sales pitches. Instead, we focus on taking the necessary time to hear the needs and desires of our clients first.  Then we proceed with a proven process that will turn their dreams into reality.

Our process begins with your initial contact.  Gilligan Contracting has a few ways you can contact us. You can go “old school” and ring us up at our office; or you can use our web site to schedule a consultation; or you can use our new chat feature (available 6 days a week). Regardless of the method used for initial contact, as a first step, we are going to ask you to send an email (or several emails) to info@gilligancontracting.com that provides the following: a brief overview of the desired work; some pictures of the existing space and the best number and time the next day to contact you.  This information lets us begin to scope the job so that we can provide solid feedback during the initial consultation. Once we receive this information, we typically schedule initial consultations within 24 hours.

During the initial phone consultation, we will use the information provided to discuss the project in greater detail. We have a series of questions we will work through to make sure Gilligan Contracting is a correct fit for your project. If Gilligan Contracting is a correct fit, we will discuss a budget bracket and how we can proceed with a site visit.  Prior to the site visit, we will email a few resources for you to review.

A site visit with us usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour. We give 30-minute windows of arrival due to unpredictable traffic in the Washington DC metropolitan area. If we are going to arrive outside of our 30-minute window of arrival a call or email will promptly notify you.  At the site visit, we will go over the desired remodel project and take various information and measurements. We will begin to discuss key material selections to help us firm up and to discuss your budget brackets, although most material selections will be done once a decision to proceed with Gilligan Contracting has been made.  Also, we will discuss if your project will require design or engineering work and the various estimated costs involved for those services.

After the site visit, a representative from Gilligan contracting will call you within 5 business days with the refined budget bracket and an estimate of any upfront costs for design or engineering.  This is the point where we can answer your detailed questions.  If you decide to move forward with Gilligan Contracting, we will proceed with facilitating meetings with our design and/or engineering professionals and start the process of getting some plans together (if required) for the project.  If no design or plans are required, we will arrange within a week any additional site visits with our trades (e.g., lighting, flooring, plumbing) to review the project. We will also consult on material selections and provide you with a list of our preferred vendors and products to help facilitate the selection process.  Once the design/engineering and selection process is complete, Gilligan Contracting will be able to accurately price the job out and present the total cost to you. At that point, we can make changes to the materials or the scope of work to fit your desires and budgetary needs. After any final changes are made to materials or scope, Gilligan Contracting will provide you with a detailed proposal and contract for review.  We will also give the client and estimated start date and estimated completion time. We usually can start most projects within 3-4 weeks after a signed contract.

We look forward to working with you,
Kevin Gilligan

Gilligan Contracting is a Virginia Class A licensed contracting firm that can handle your simplest handyman items to your largest remodel.

We are a dedicated team of licensed professionals who provide our customers with quality, affordable workmanship and can assist with a full range of remodeling and home improvement – from simple repairs to more extensive and complicated projects.